Friday, January 27, 2012

A Youtube Channel and Another Blog you need to be Aware Of

First, 331 Erock is fighting the good fight, taking things that are already awesome like Guiles theme from Street Fighter and making them MORE awesome by turning them in to face melting heavy metal. He is also taking shitty, bottom of the barrel societal herpes like Nicki Minaj and their putrid spunk pile of what is considered music and, through his metallurgy power, making them into something worthy of the soundtrack that would be applied to riding dragons into battle. Go to his page, rock out, be a better person for the future of America.

Secondly, there are some of you out there that dont have that appropriate soundtrack for either your current badass existence or the badass existence you strive for. Thankfully, the universe has provided us with two people capable of harnessing all of the power and majesty that comes from 80s pump up jams, and they used their powers for the supreme good of creating the most amazing mixes that ever were or ever will be. BEHOLD!
Now you have no excuse for not fighting to the top, realizing the power within and pushing it to the limit of the razors edge. 

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